Media At Warren School

Led by Tom

In media at Warren School, students learn all about the filmmaking process,
such as using the cameras, performing as an actor and editing the videos.
In the sessions, they produce short films, create stop-frame animations
and make special effects using the green screen!

Click below to visit our Media Productions YouTube site

Praise For Our Media Productions

'Oscar performances from both school, students, staff in the exciting films, videos and animations produced at Warren School!
Well, I am so impressed with how these productions are at the cutting edge of technology and even beyond.
They have taken me back through history to Victorian times, on into the future through Space and even into everyday life in a rainforest.
I cannot think of any other school in the UK that can produce such inclusive work of such quality.

Well done everyone! 

Best sensory wishes, Flo Longhorn

Principal Consultant in special and multisensory education and number one fan of Warren School!'