Led by Sandra and Emma

Information About the New Sensory Story Learning Circle Project

'To begin our new sensory project, we have created several sensory stories that are delivered over a 12 week period. We believe that reinforcing each section of the stories routine will help to engage the children to reach their full potential. We have found that once the stories are established in the students' minds they become much happier to interact with staff and their peers. We have also seen some excellent eye contact, vocalisation, and anticipation. During the sessions that we are holding for own class students, we have found that after several weeks our students are now preempting each stage of the story and encouraging each other to take part.

In the future we are hoping to achieve making our sensory stories a whole school activity rather than just our class, as we believe this will be beneficial for all of the students throughout the whole school. We have spent time looking at how we can adjust the props we use to accommodate all the individual needs of the children.

The sensory room is a place where students can come to enjoy a safe, secure environment. This will help enable them to build new relationships. We always end our sessions on a short relaxation, this gives  students the opportunity to just lay still and peacefully reflect on the journey we have taken them on. We have found that the students that we have worked with so far, have a calmer mindset for the rest of the day.'

Sandra & Emma

Sensory Story Videos