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Tracy Read

Teacher: Tracy Read
TA: Sonya Maher
CA: Louise Jarvis


Welcome to the Secondary 6 class page. We look forward to sharing the things we have been doing with you on here as well as posting useful reminders and documents for your information. 

    For the Summer 2018 timetable, please click HERE

Our topic for this term in KS4 is "Looking after animals". We will have a particular focus on domestic pets and farm animals. We look forward to visiting local organisations whose work focuses upon caring for animals and hope to have visiting speakers in school as well. Please click HERE  to view the topic web for the Summer Term. I look forward  to sharing what we have been up to over the coming weeks on this page.  

Media Projects

Normanston Park - Pet Survey and Meet & Greet

posted Apr 24, 2018, 4:35 AM by Tracy Read   [ updated Apr 24, 2018, 12:51 PM ]

Normanston park 24th April.pptx

S6 headed off to Normanston park to carry out a survey on dogs this morning. SD suggested that the best way to record our findings would be by using a tally chart. Although the weather was drizzly, this did not put us off. We took our clipboards and recording sheets and set about counting the dogs we could see. We talked about how we could classify the dogs into different categories. LL suggested that we could do this by size. BP suggested by colour and Sonya proposed by breed. Some really great ideas! 

When we were at the park, we lucky to be introduced to Denny. He belongs to Sonya. Denny is a Border Collie and he was as delighted to meet S6, as they were to meet him. Learners were able to interact with Denny and took turns in walking him on his lead and using his ball launcher to throw a tennis ball for him. 

We also met some other dogs who were out being walked. It was interesting and entertaining, watching the dogs in the park. We saw dogs being walked individually and in groups. 

Learner comments:

CH "We saw Denny Boy"                        BC "I met Denny Boy."            KD "I like walking in the park"

BP "I like stroking Denny Boy"                JM "We saw dogs."

SD "We saw Denny Boy. I feel happy because I used the ball launcher." 

LL "We went to the park to see dogs. We are learning about pets. I love dogs (I do not like cats). 

DDA "We went to the park and we saw Denny Boy. He was very happy playing and made me smile. I loved stroking Denny, it was fun. We all played fetch with him. It was a lovely day out."

Multi-coloured cakes.

posted Apr 18, 2018, 2:41 PM by Tracy Read   [ updated Apr 24, 2018, 12:53 PM ]

This afternoon in food technology, S6 have been getting creative! We made different coloured cake mixes and marbled them together. We also used our fine-motor skills to model decorations for the top of our cakes using modelling icing in a range of different colours. We had great fun in coming up with our own unique designs. 

We used buttercream to stick our models to the top of the cupcakes. The inside of the cakes were marbled pink, white and chocolate. They looked a little bit like animal camouflage!

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