Other Professionals

The school has a range of specialised services available to pupils. Information on each service can be found below.

Occupational Therapy

My name is Kirsty and I am the Occupational Therapist working at Warren School and with children with disabilities in mainstream schools. I am based at the Newberry Child Development Centre where I can be reached on 01493 442322.

I work with the children at school and can carry out home visits for children living in Waveney and Great Yarmouth PCT area.

The aim of Occupational Therapy is to increase and enable as much independence as possible in the children's lives. I therefore work with the children around their personal care, positioning, encouraging development through play, improving upper limb and fine motor function, identifying and advising around sensory difficulties.


My name is Rachel (Physiotherapist) and my role includes providing physiotherapy input at Warren School, as well as being based from the Newberry Child Development Centre seeing children from the Great Yarmouth and Waveney area.

The aim of physiotherapy is to optimise and maintain movement and function where possible to enable children to move as freely and independently as possible. I see children at school, and I can also carry out home visits when necessary. I work with children to assist their posture, movement, quality and muscle tone; maintain movement; standing and walking where appropriate, and work on balance and muscle tone.

I can be reached at the Newberry Centre on 01493 442322.

Speech and Language Therapy

The East Coast Community Healthcare (ECCH) Speech and Language Therapy (SaLT) team continue to work in Warren School to support staff members and parents to help develop the communication needs of learners.

During the summer term this support is taking the form of class observations to enable general advice and strategies to be given to all of the learners and class staff in school. We will also be carrying out some review assessments for learners on our caseload next half term.

Our intervention may be ‘consultative’ (advice, training, modelling of strategies) or ‘therapeutic’ (one-to-one or group intervention for a specified period). Following intervention, we may transfer a learner’s care back to the school with ongoing communication targets or strategies to be used regularly within their daily routine. When any targets have been met, or if there are new concerns, learners can be re-referred to the service.

We recommend that re-referrals are made by school staff consulting with the SaLT team, once written parental permission has been gained. Parents/carers can also contact us directly via our Access team (ECCA) on 01493 809977. Please also contact ECCA on 01493 809977 as soon as possible if there are any concerns about a learner’s eating and/or drinking skills.

We may attend an annual review for a learner on our caseload if this is clinically indicated. An updated advice report or new referral can be requested as an outcome of an annual review, if the learner has met their targets or if there are new concerns.

For any more information about our service, please visit www.ecch.org and search for ‘Speech and Language Therapy for Children and Young People’.

School Nurse

Emily is our Paediatric Clinical School Nurse and is based at Warren School. Emily can be contacted during school hours, Monday to Friday term time only.

The School's Community Nurse can be contacted on 03456 078866. Please see the School Nursing Team website to see the range of services the Community Nurse provides.

Regular clinics are held at the School - they include the Community Paediatrician, Feeding Clinic, Orthoptic Clinic and an annual Dental Clinic.

We work with a range of professionals from health, education and social care and value their ideas, experience and expertise in helping us meet the needs of our learners.