Les' Class

• Teacher - Les • TA - Sandra • CAs - Shona, Amy & Ros

Spring Term

This term our topic is 'All Creatures Great and Small'. We have worked across the curriculum- communication, cognition, media, sensory story, food technology and art - linked to this subject. We have also continued with our link with EYFS 1:1 which supports communication and promotes supporting younger learners.

We made Toad in the Hole

..and Penguin biscuits...

..and meringue swans.

Autumn Term

This term Secondary 2 have been visiting Broadlands Residential Care Home as part of our communication curriculum. Learners support, interact and have fun with the residents. We organise games, serve refreshments and chat to everybody. Our learners have even taught some signing to the residents.They all really look forward to our visit every Friday!

Links with other learners / schools

This term we have had a link with Harbour Pru. Three of their students, with two members of staff, have been coming in on Tuesday afternoon to support our learners in Secondary 2 with Food Technology. This has been a successful link and we have had a very positive e mail from Nicky Howes ( Head of School) about this opportunity for her boys.

This has been a beneficial experience for both groups of learners and we hope to do more links with them next term.