Matt's Class

• Teacher - Matt • TA - Debbie • CA - Michelle

Timetable Information

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Handa's Surprise (Autumn 2018)

This term we have been working on the story 'Handa's Surprise'. All learners in the class have taken an active part through role play and have helped put together a wall display which is up in class. Also many learners can remember what happens in the story, including what animals took what fruit. The class even role played the story for an assembly.

Well done Primary 1, Excellent work.

Teeth Cleaning (Spring 2019)

Since January we have been working on cleaning our teeth after our lunchtime meal. Everybody in the class now is able to take part in this activity and go through the teeth cleaning sequence with spoken support from an adult nearby.

All About Me (Spring 2019)

This term we have been learning about our bodies. We have been making facial representations in a number of different ways. We have been using playdough, we have created paper plate faces and we have drawn our own faces on the whiteboard. Also this term we went down to Carlton Marshes where we created mud faces!

Everyone in class has been able to identify/name a number of key facial features too.

Space (Summer 2019)

This term we have been learning about Space. We have been making a range of different space related items including space biscuits, space planets and a class space rocket made out of a variety of recyclable items.

Ringsfield Hall (Summer 2019)

This term we were fortunate enough to take part in two activity days at Rinsfield Hall Eco Centre near Beccles. For the majority of learners this was the first time that they have been to the centre.

They took part in a range of activities including den building, fire lighting, bread making, tea making and creating their own puppet show. All those who attended had a wonderful two days.