Sam's Class

• Teacher - Sam • TA - Jo • CAs -Sarah, Amanda, Marie, Siobhan & Naomi

Our Class Timetable

Summer Term Timetable.pdf

Summer Term Timetable

Our Topic Web

Topic Web Summer Term 2021.pdf

The Circus - The Greatest Showman

Recovery Curriculum Topic Web.pdf

Our Recovery Curriculum


Talk-pad skills

Touch screen games

Choice making

Sensory stories

PECS skills

Switch skills

Attention Autism

Engaging with others

Letter formation

Writing sentences

Turn taking

Exploring our feelings

Music Appreciation



Number skills

Exploration during Tac Pac

Switch toys


Story massage

Anticipation activities

Problem solving

Choice making

Addition sums

Subtraction sums

Exploring colours

Activities relating to numbers

Developing our creative skills and promoting well-being

Mark making using utensils

Choosing materials

Painting with our hands


Painting independently

Creating our own work

Grasping art materials

Using symbols to choose our materials

Developing physical skills and promoting well-being


Sensory circuits



Moving over different surfaces

Moving independently

Physiotherapy exercises

Fine motor skills


Play equipment

Walking with our friends

Hydro exercises

Educational Visits - walking from school

Visits to Carlton Marshes and playing I-spy

Visits to Nicholas Everitt Park to feed the squirrels and ducks

Visits to Carlton Park

Posting our letters to Santa