Sam's Class

• Teacher - Sam • TA - Jo • CAs - Amanda, Marie & Naomi

Our Class Timetable

Spring Term Overview.pdf


Talk-pad skills

Touch screen games

Choice making

Sensory stories

PECS skills

Switch skills

Tracking with our eyes

Engaging with others


Number skills

Exploration during Tac Pac

Switch toys


Story massage

Exploring the seasons

Problem solving

Choice making

Life and Living Skills

Setting the table

Making cereal

Washing up

Drying up

Making our own snacks

Tasting new food

Being independent

Making toast


Mark making using utensils

Choosing materials

Painting with our hands


Painting independently

Creating our own work

Grasping art materials

Using symbols to choose our materials



Sensory circuits

Standing frames


Moving over different surfaces

Moving independently

Physiotherapy exercises

Fine motor skills


Play equipment

Walking with our friends

Hydro exercises

Educational Visits

Park strolls

Beach strolls

Feeding the ducks

Seal spotting at the beach

Finding items at the shops

Meeting Brannigan at the park

Meeting Roly down the yard

Watching dog agility

Life & Living Skills - Broadlands

Socialising with the residents

Preparing for lunch at Broadlands

Craft activities with the residents

Greeting familiar faces

Learning about each other

Teaching new skills

Sharing our news and making friends

Helping staff set the tables