Ash Pathway

Our Learners

These are our learners who have a range of profound and complex needs. Many have physical difficulties linked to a combination of other profound difficulties such as cognitive processing needs, sensory needs or complex health needs. Our learners are at very early levels of development (typically assessed between P1 and P3). Our focus is upon enabling them to; establish positive interactive relationships with others, to proactively explore the world around them, and gain environmental control skills. All of our learners will be given maximum opportunities to achieve the highest level of personal mobility and independence. Our learners are unique individuals and will follow their own Personal Learning Plan.

Our Curriculum

Ash curriculum has a Programme of Learning which outlines the essential opportunities for each learner, in the following four main areas:

  • Communication

  • Cognition

  • Self-Care and Independence

  • Physical Development

It is a curriculum that acknowledges and celebrates the different abilities and achievements of every individual learner. The Ash curriculum has at its heart, a personalised learning pathway with progress along the way that is measured using a basket of indicators. Formative and summative assessment tools capture both linear and lateral progress linked to a continuum of learning and levels of engagement.