Oak Pathway

Our Learners

These are our learners who have a range of moderate and complex needs. They may have physical difficulties linked to a combination of other difficulties such as cognitive processing needs and sensory needs. Our learners are functioning at a developmental level (typically assessed above P8).

All learners will follow a Personal Learning Plan and additional Learning Intentions will link to developmental skills appropriate for that individual.

Our Curriculum

Oak curriculum has a Programme of Learning which outlines the essential opportunities for each learner, in the following six main areas:

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • PSHE

  • PE

  • Science & Humanities

  • Arts and Technology

At this curriculum level, we aim to provide an adjustable balance of ‘themed’ and ‘discrete’ learning activities (employed at the discretion of each teacher), that enable pupils to develop a deeper level of skills, knowledge and understanding in different subject areas relating to the National Curriculum.

There is an increased level of structure within the delivery of the Oak curriculum. Nevertheless, we avoid making this curriculum too abstract. Teachers ensure that learning is linked to practical activities and consolidated and applied in practical sessions. Older learners will be expected to achieve accreditation in awards and certificates that make use of formal accreditation schemes which are carefully matched to the needs of learners.