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While you are at Warren School, we will offer you a curriculum which includes a wide range of learning experiences in school and within the community.

When you leave our school, we aim for you to…

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We are very happy with the outcome of our recent Challenge Partners Quality Assurance Review. You can read the full report HERE. We still have lots more we can do to improve but we are very pleased that the hard work of learners and staff has been recognised.

Challenge Partners is a practitioner-led national network of schools that improves school performance through peer-to-peer challenge and knowledge sharing. Each school in Challenge Partners receives an annual Quality Assurance (QA) Review. The QA Review is a peer review involving senior leaders from other schools in the partnership. The review has a whole-school remit and focuses on teaching and learning, which enables practitioners to have deep conversations about the quality of learning in the school being reviewed. All outcomes are agreed between the school and the review team as part of an ongoing professional dialogue that seeks to unpick and articulate effective teaching practice and school improvement strategies. Review reports are best viewed as a summary of conversations between peers during three days spent in school. By nature of being a collaborative peer review, the QA Review is different from other external inspections. Due to the review’s focus on teaching and learning, the review does not consider areas such as safeguarding or governance and so its outcomes are not directly comparable to an Ofsted inspection.

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We are an Academy!

Warren School is now an academy sponsored by the BEST Trust. This means exciting things for our future moving forward, so watch this space!

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Information, support and services for children and young people with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND).


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Warren School is part of the BEST Trust.