School Closures

If there are severe weather conditions, please listen to the local radio for updates on school closures.

  • Radio Suffolk 103.9 or 104.6 FM

  • Radio Norfolk 855 AM, 95.1, 95.6 or 104.4 FM

  • Heart FM 96.4 or 97.1 FM

  • The Beach 97.4 or 103.4 FM

You can also check the Council's website at

If the school is closed parents will be sent a text message and this website will be updated to reflect that the school is closed.

If the weather deteriorates rapidly during the school day, please can you make sure that there is a named person to receive your child, should transport be required early to bring your child home. We will telephone you before your child leaves school to ensure that there is someone there.

If school transport does not run due to severe weather in the mornings, parents will sometimes decide to bring children in themselves. If you do this, please check that the school is open before setting off, and also remember that you will have to collect your child at the end of the day as well. Please remember that school may have to close if staff cannot get in.