As part of our approach to Inclusive Reading (reading behaviour, pictures and symbols, sounds, reading words and phrases) our children are supported and provided with opportunities to read and receive information throughout the school day. We use a range of resources including:

· Objects of reference

· Sensory Stories

· Bag books

· Photos

· Symbols


· Keywords on flashcards

· Now / Next boards

· Schedules

· Recipes

· Environmental print e.g. familiar logos

· Social Stories

· Personalised books

· Books

· Video with signed vocabulary

· Audiobooks

· Text to speech software

We use these reading schemes:

· Oxford Reading Tree books

· Project X

· See and Learn

Teachers use a range of phonics resources including:

· Jolly Phonics

· Floppy’s Phonics

Reading behaviours are encouraged and language developed with Speech and Language Therapists available to support and review.