Remote Learning Offer

Remote Learning Offer

Suggested Home Learning Activities

To supplement Google Classrooms and Physical Home Learning Packs

Please ensure that learners are supervised when using the internet. The links below are correct at the time of publishing.

General Home Learning Activities:

It is extremely useful for our learners to practice their skills learnt at school through practical tasks in their homes. Below are some suggestions of activities for you to do together in the home. These activities cover a wide age and ability range, please pick the ones that interest you the most and that you feel your child will enjoy:

  • Create a birthday card or picture to send to a family member or friend whose birthday is coming up

  • Play a simple board or card game with a family member

  • Look at a book or magazine

  • Learn a song using BSL or Makaton from YouTube

  • Use the pupil’s PECS books, Communication Book or TalkPad at home

  • Choose a song to listen to and have a dance!

  • Help with cooking

  • Lay the table

  • Tidy their room or a part of it

  • Make a bed

  • Help with laundry, including sorting socks!

  • Practice turn-taking with a family member

  • Investigate a range of sensory resources found in the home e.g. rice, pasta, jelly,water, sand, peas etc. Are you brave enough to explore them all?

  • Play “Can you find something blue?”, “Can you bring me something white?”. Use lots of different colours (red, purple, grey, pink, green, black, orange, brown, yellow)

  • Play “Can you find something with buttons?”, “Can you show me something with ears?”. Think of as many different things that you can.

  • Play “Can you bring me two socks?”, “Can you find four books?”

  • Play “Can you sort these into colours?”. Maybe helping with the washing!

  • Practice your mark-making in paint, flour, sand or shaving foam

  • Practice writing their name

  • Practice writing letters and numbers and sounding them out

  • Write the number 4 and ask your child to bring you the correct number of objects; this could be books, apples, pencils etc. Then do the same with other numbers.

  • Bake some cookies or cupcakes together and decorate them

  • Make some spring flowers out of tissue paper or old wrapping paper

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